When Doing What’s Best For You Isn’t What’s Best For Me

The Backstory

I’d been dealing with a hard thing.

And I know hard things are meant for God. To be taken to the altar and left for him to tend to.

But for some reason this particular hard thing  screamed self work.

Although similar, it should not be confused with the new and ever so  popular “self care “.

Mainly because in doing the work you have to acknowledge your role(s) in how a thing came to be, communicate effectively rather than simply blame and work towards building new norms in relationships. 

Rather it should be thought of as a character refiner. Or the hard work that draws us nearer to Christ and helps us better do life in our waiting.

My Realization

In this particular season; the one in which I dealt with this hard thing, I was forced to realize that I do not set clear boundaries for people.

“Boundaries are defined as lines that mark the limits of an area.”

What's Best for me

There are many areas in all of our everyday lives that everyone should not have total access to all the time.

Our minds. Hearts. Homes.

Our quiet time with God between the hours of….. Or just our time in general.

The Bluetooth in our cars.

The last edge of the peach cobbler YOU MADE, you know!

The obvious, lol.

Action Steps

Having realized this, I have been doing the work.

Being consistent in my no when it is necessary.

Learning me so that I can teach others.

Realizing when a thing or a situation is in another’s best interest, but is not best for me, my circumstance or my peace.


Acknowledging the boundaries others have set for me. 

Make sure you set  you some,