The Blizzard & The Thunderstorm :: A Children’s Story

Authoring children’s books has always been a dream of mine, but lately, maybe as a result of the shift currently going on in the world, the dream has slowly transitioned into a goal.


Because children’s books are magic! Duh.

Magic is partially defined as the power of apparently influencing the course of events. Nevermind the rest of the definition ( We dont believe in any of that over here)

Children’s books have the power to share new worlds, build confidence, promote self improvement, spark creativity, and boost self esteem.

Words. Better yet- letters uniquely combined can change the world by way of the children they influence. 

I’d love a hand in that.

So here’s to dreaming dreams, setting new goals and making magic that will affect children and change the world!

A story I wrote years ago:

The Blizzard and the Thunderstorm

Now Blue and Terry were as different as can be.

Blue was a blizzard, yes both start with the letter B.

Terry was a storm, the kind that starts with a capital T.

Both were only children and as lonely as can be. 

Bullied at school and blamed by his little brother for things around the house, Blue became brawly for little or no cause.

Taunted and teased Terry withdrew and why he wouldn’t read his parents had no clue.

So, one day their parents just up and decided to move.

Away from their homes, their families, their schools.

From Russia for Blue.

From Florida for Terry.

The big move out of nowhere was going to be scary.

Now Blue was a Blizzard accustomed to snow and high winds and Terry a Thunderstorm that requires moisture and heat.

Both moving to Arizona for 5 months out of the year, what a terrible feat.

Moving day arrived and sadness swept through.

Being blown  into a new world, whatever would they do?

Panic, sadness and frustration originally set in.

But the long trip and a family meeting helped both see that it was a new journey they were about to begin

Blue needed to learn English and Terry needed to adjust to a huge open desert with no moisture or rapid rise gusts.

School was scary and no one seemed to understand.

Both were stuck in this desert surrounded by sand. 

Then one day at school in the cafeteria alone Blue and Terry met and seemed to get along.

A new friend , a new buddy, neighbor and pal.

Neither was ever lonely again and the move to Arizona seemed to be worthwhile.

Now day after day the boys would talk and play

Sharing ideas and secret dreams about their futures one day

Both shared why things were difficult back home and made a pact to be different and help each other along

Blue struggled with English and Terry wouldn’t read

But helping each other seemed to be exactly what the other needed indeed!

Terry would stutter and speed through his words  and Blue  would model how to slow down

Not realizing that he was learning new words and decoding by sounding them out.

The boys grew up into strong storms no doubt

Though distance grew between the two, they always knew how to help each other out.

Today the two remain the best of friends. They even sponsor a camp for boys when their seasons end. 

The best gift is a true friend..

Author, T