Teacher of the Year

Recognition without the compensation

It’s been my experience in the field of education that the more you learn and grow the more you are called upon in the name of peer support, an opportunity to practice for a future, but currently not available  position or leadership hours. 

Just a thank you, Ata- girl, maybe even a pat on the back.

But how many of you know that high fives don’t gas cars or feed families. Or better yet pay off the student loans taken out to pursue the profession.

I sincerely believe in teachers helping teachers, mentor-ship and sharing information. Here I am specifically talking about teachers being asked to do and be more for less.

Possible reasons:

Education is underfunded.

Teachers in a lot of cases ( not all) are undervalued and as a result underpaid.

And now that there is a global pandemic things don’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

This Posts Inspiration:

I recently attended a virtual meeting where teachers were referred to as “overpaid babysitters.”

The meetings focus was the 2020- 2021 school year, reopening and the hard business of teachers maybe having to show up without the proper protections , double lesson planning for those scholars that show up in person and those that stay home, talks of standardized testing, still, in the midst of so much hurt and uncertainty. 

Oh and So Much More!

The proper questions were asked.

1.How will our sick days be affected if  going in  we all know the possibilities?

2.Are there going to be subs, how will quarantine work if a case is in your class? 

3.Will districts offer more state and local days?

4.Child care for teachers that need it?

5.Additional staff to reduce student to teacher ratios, masks?

6.Who cleans every hour as outlined in this reopening plan?

7. Social Emotional Considerations for students and additional counselors?

But the same answers were given.

–  No..

– This is the work we signed up for.

– We just have to make do

– Scholars and parents are depending on us

– There will be budget cuts

– We will see, if not it is what it is

Nothing reassuring. 

The Hard Stuff

This past school year I was  named Teacher of the Month. Later, Teacher of the Year.

teacher of the year

It felt good to have my hard work and sacrifice noticed even if only  for  a moment. 

But, what I’d rather is for the profession of teaching as a whole to be valued. For us dedicated educators to be seen for who we are and what we do each and every school year.




For parents to be partners and for society and systems that shall remain nameless to do their parts. Be it financially, ethically, or otherwise.

One day…. hopefully.

Life Application

Today , though, is day thirty of me consistently reading my bible. Today’s reading  was 1 Timothy.

1 Timothy is the first letter written by Paul to Timothy . Timothy was a young teacher left serving in Ephesus.

The letter was necessary because there were issues in the church in Ephesus.

The letter exhorts Timothy encouraging him to ( even in the midst of the many issues) fulfill his duties faithfully.

I am no Paul and this is not an attempt to  compare the hard work that Timothy was left to do to education, but I have to admit  there are similarities. 

More than the work of Timothy was the thought that Paul had;  the need to write to him to encourage him to continue.

So I write this post to encourage you, teacher. And to encourage myself. 

Especially because this isn’t the year I’m choosing to give up my career in education and my aim is always to be a representative of Christ in this field.

So, though there are many issues in America’s Education system and much work to be done.

Use your voice to advocate for yourself and others, know your worth and charge it and in spite of all of the uncertainty surrounding this upcoming school year, try to do something to leave your school, a child, or a family better than you found them.. be it virtually or in person with the proper precautions.