Strawbees: Build and Play the Stem Way!

All teachers need a special arsenal with at least ten engaging, exciting and innovative ways to challenge their scholars.

Every year, I try to either add something new or adjust something that has worked.

Well, this year STRAWBEES is both. They are a new addition in my home and an exciting oldie at school. 

The adjustment this year will be the coding and robotics component. 

What are Stawbees?


No forreal, they are simply a variety of colorful drinking straws that can be bent and cut into multiple sizes to create a wide range of building opportunities.

 The connectors and the stem component that allows you to add movement and interaction to your builds is what makes Strawbees so unique. 

That makes them a classic with a great deal of variety!

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Louisiata enjoying an evening show.

This post was created in partnership with Strawbees. I was not financially compensated for this post but did receive the Creature Creator kit for review and sharing purposes . All opinions are entirely my own. Thank you in advance for supporting brands that support me.

Who can use Strawbees?

Anyone age six to sixty can and should use Strawbees.



Educators from elementary to the college level.

Why would my people be interested?

All I have for you is five syllables- CREATIVE OUTLET

The different kits have something for everyone:

The straws: to build with

Stickers: to add features or liven up creations

Knick-knacks: eyes, feet, shoes to make more realistic creations

Stem kit: to allow coding and robotics

Sketchbook: to help generate ideas

..and So much more!

What are the educational benefits?

  • Mentally challenges you to think outside of the box
  • Aides in making connections (reading comprehension, geometry, shapes, etc.)
  • Improves Social Skills
  • Teaches strengths and areas needing to be refined 
  • Learning through play
  • Strengthens problem-solving skills

When can I use them?

Any place. At any time. Any where.

They’re flexible after all.. 🙂

How can I incorporate them into my content specific classroom?

My short list:

  • Team builders: just for fun
  • Added Stem component after shared reading 
  • Creative writing: developing a story around a timed build
  • Manipulatives in the math classroom
  • Robotics club with the added coding capabilities
  • Science- building new inventions
strawbees, creature creator, stem, learning, play, science, technology, school, home, on the go, kits for all ages, educational stem activities
Creature Creator

I’ve used Strawbees before in a school setting with 40 plus kids and I loved it. But this summer, I had the opportunity to use them at home with my seven year old niece. We specifically had the Creature Creator Kit and getting to actually build with her instead of facilitating, monitoring and teaching offered a different perspective.

Strawbees should not be limited to a setting, subject or school. 

The company got it right when they said:

“ No matter your kids age or ability, our flexible building kits with added coding help develop complex problem-solving, critical thinking and creative skills on and offline, for fun at home or in the classroom. We are the kids first choice!”

Build on!