Small Faith

In case you hadn’t noticed from my instagram feed, my niece is home. 

Home being Texas– for the Summer.

An accidental tradition started several summers ago that apparently not even a pandemic can stop. 

Well, being here for the summer means being spoiled something serious.

It also means structure, routines, tons of  educational fun, bible study and prayer.

Because “ As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord… even if only a summer occupant.

Anyway, a few nights ago while reading a story in her children’s bible and discussing it, she shared that  she doesn’t believe in God (this much) as she displayed the tiny amount she didn’t believe in him with her pointer and index fingers.

When asked why, she said it’s only because she hasn’t seen him and no one that she knows has.

I didn’t press, but the next day I shared that the books that we have been reading about Jesus were written by people that not only saw him, but lived with him, ate with him, and traveled with him.  I went on to share that Jesus and God are one and we revisited the topic of the Trinity with the help of Ms. Jenn over on

The full explanation using an apple

Skin-like God the Father because he protects us and is rich in the things we need to live a fulfilled life
Flesh- Like God the son (Jesus) because he came in the flesh
Seeds- Like God the Holy spirit because through his power we grow in faith

We talked more and our talk got me to thinking.

Many people of a variety of ages, some raised in the christian church, others raised up on other beliefs  searching for more because they have been told “ just believe” or it is simply because I said so. And as a result, stray or embark on a wild goose chase of religion.  

And yes, like the old saints, it is good to point out  the fact that we wake up daily clothed in our right minds and even in the midst of chaos needs are met and we can all find something to smile about as proof of God.

But we have to do better than that.

I’ve been on a bible study plan and determined to read and study my bible daily.

Today, as I was reading the book of Mark, I read about Jesus walking on water.

A portion of the scripture in chapter six verse forty-eight  stood out to me. Specifically, where it says “ And about the fourth watch of the night he came to them walking on the sea. He meant to pass by them.”

Being who he is, he knew that they’d see him. Yet he was going to pass by them to  give them a glimpse of his glory.

An idea of who it really was that they were following, traveling with, in ministry with. 

A glimpse of his glory; his Diety.

The bible serves as a glimpse. 

On a daily basis when we are shielded from dangers seen and unseen.

The strangers that we encounter that are a added blessing to our lives.

The opportunities.




All but glimpses of who the creator is, his love and how mindful he is of us. 

Bird and I have talked more since her sharing. We have also continued to read our bibles, pray, ask questions and discuss them.

I can’t, nor would I want to force anything on her. 

 So, what I will do is:

Live a life in front of her that makes her want to know the God I serve more intently

Read and study with and in front of her as an example of how to grow in relationship with our heavenly Father

Pray for her often, with her daily and aloud so that she can hear how easy it is to go before him and allow her to pray as well

Provide her the tools and resources on her level to allow her to explore the many stories and testimonies written by real people that encountered Jesus face to face

And hope that her SMALL, 7 Year Old FAITH is rooted and built up in him.