Six Safely Social- Distanced Date Ideas

I’ve learned over the last five years that marriage is a delicate thing.

I’m talking delicate like a plant…

… or a baby

It is necessary that we nurture it, are intentional about what we pour into it, and observe it closely ensuring that it is healthy– pruning or proofing as needed to promote optimal growth. 

So, even in this season, the Mr. and I  have been intentional about our hangs outside of the house. 

Here are six safely social- distanced date ideas that we enjoyed.

Hopefully you will try a few.

A Picnic by the Lake

Summer time is the best time, in my opinion, to sit out by the lake, enjoy the breeze, listen to a bomb playlist, play games, talk and eat all the things.  For this date all that was needed to prepare was a blanket, our favorite takeout, a cooler bag  full our favorite things and a board game( to ensure no pieces fly away).

White Rock Lake    Dallas, Texas

Go Kart Riding

A little competition has never hurt anyone. So, if trash talk is your thing then this is definitely a must. To ensure safety we found an outside track and chose to get there early to avoid the crowd.

Route 377 Go- Karts       Haltom City, Texas


Pottery Lesson at a local art studio

I pride myself on being able to do anything I put my mind to. All I’ll say is pottery is not for the prideful. I almost left without creating a thing. But in the end I managed a “ jewelry dish” and hubby a salsa bowl. Pottery was a fun challenge. Relaxing and  definitely a creative outlet.

Catalyst Creative Art Studio            Arlington, Texas

Catalyst Creative Art Studio

Mini road trip to a nearby town

A few weeks before school began, we decided to drive down to Waco just to pick up a couple of Joanna’s famous cupcakes. Worth! IT!

We kept driving and ended up in Austin, mural hopping.

Silos Baking Co.    Waco, Texas

Mural shot because obviously the cupcakes didn’t last long enough for a photo.

Share a Favorite Hobby

Tennis was my sport in high school, so naturally we have rackets and balls in the garage or somebody’s trunk at all times. I’m out of practice, but between Kevin and I, I’m an expert so it’s fun to hang out on the court, talk a little trash, teach him how to do something I like and just enjoy each other’s company.

For the free…

Community Tennis Courts   Dallas, Texas

Made it happen even with a special guest

Self- Guided Wildlife Tour

One reservation, two tickets, a tank of gas and an hour drive and you are on your way to a relaxing sight seeing adventure. Today, we drove through the country and got up close and personal with animals we’ve only ever seen on TV. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center was perfect for the making new memories and another first together.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center          Glen Rose, Texas

I’d love some more ideas. Leave me a comment and share some of your safe date ideas.

Fossil Rim