Tips for the Second Year Teacher

So, you began your first year of teaching all bright-eyed and nervous.

You may have just gotten into your groove or at least convinced yourself that you can actually do this ( teach) .

Then, we left for spring break. Chaos broke loose. And …

 Bam!  Education moved online.

teacher tpis

As a result, you had to figure out the newness of online learning overnight. 

  This post is simply to reassure you  that if you made it to spring break, you can do this. 

If you finished the year with your kiddos and taught online. 

You can do this. 

 So here are teacher tips that I hope you will use.

Who: All teachers, but especially educators going into their second year of teaching at the elementary level.

Summer has just started and parents are relieved not to have to manage or oversee flex learning for the next couple of months here in Texas. 

We want them to enjoy their break, but we also want to provide them a resource to ensure their scholars future reading success.

Tip: Teachers, find one free instructional program that you have tested and know it to be effective for reading instruction. 

My emphasis is reading (it’s kind of my thing).  But this applies to all subjects. 

The program should be detailed oriented and it should not stress you, parents or students out to use it.

What: Get acquainted with your new students.

Again, summer just started. Kids everywhere are relieved not to have to complete flex learning assignments or attend virtual classes anymore. 

We want them to enjoy their break, but we also need to provide them a resource to ensure they do not regress and that they continue to become strong readers and thinkers.

Tip: Teachers, reach out to your co teachers. If you are teaching fourth grade next year, ask the third grade teacher( or school secretary)  that had your scholars this year  for lunch numbers and parent contact information. 

I would suggest emails over phone numbers. 

With this information, you could easily set up student logins for the program you choose. 

Use their lunch numbers as usernames and birthdays as passwords. Or use the lunch numbers as their usernames and  make everyone’s password the same. It’s your choice.

When: Over summer break

Summer break should be a well balanced vacation that includes staying up late, sleeping in, travel, outside play and education.

Kids need to be conditioned to understand that learning should be continual.

Yes, it does not always have to be “ classroom structured” but it can take place in all aspects of life.

In the kitchen, gardening, during road trips, at the grocery store, etc.

Tip: Write a welcome letter. Introduce yourself. Express your excitement to have the scholar next year.

teacher tips

This will be a pleasant surprise. Your parents will have the advantage of knowing who their child’s teacher will be next year and the line of communication will be opened.

Bonus: They will know that you are serious about their scholars education. 

Where: Online of course

 Tip: Share the program that you would like them to use over the break in your welcome letter.

Also, share that no setup is required. Provide the login credentials you have created and wish them a swell summer. 

Why: To ensure reading is being done and so that you know who and what you are working with right out of the gate

The Summer slide is real.

In addition to it, we now also have to consider the COVID slide.

No matter the situations in life, educators are still expected to grow students. 

Tip: For reading use a program like readtheory or readworks. It is free and your scholars will have access to a variety of reading practice and assessments.

If your budget allows, I would recommend Eduactiongalaxy. My scholars loved the game component. I love the rigor, variety offered and the idea behind it. 

And the data will be a great tool to use at the start of the new school year!

Have a restful summer!