Quarter One Reflection

A Personal and Professional Quarter One Reflection:

Girl Boss Quarter One

Like millions of others, I started 2021 with a new Create and Cultivate planner and a lofty set of goals. I didn’t necessarily identify at what point in the year, I’d want to reach each goal. Just that I’d strive to.

The goals that I set for myself all work together in helping me live a healthy and whole life. A life that consists of spending time daily reading my Bible and praying, setting clear boundaries, doing more of the things that bring me joy, sharing with and encouraging others, loving and being loved well, and doing the work to ensure that I am the best me possible.

So let’s see how quarter one went.


Quarter One Reflection Personal


In May, I began reading my Bible and praying ( verbally or through journaling) daily. What started as a challenge of consistency during quarantine has continued in spite of returning to in-person teaching and all the other daily life todos. Through my reading, I’ve learned ( not perfectly) how to apply the proverbs and principles to the season of life I’m currently in.


I committed and stuck to working out at least three days a week in the mornings before work and I started tracking what I eat. I haven’t lost much weight yet because of my eating habits though. My water intake could also use some improvement. So, going forward these two things will be what I focus on.

 Self- Care

Mask acne is real. And every day for eight plus hours I wear two. So I recently started a new skin care routine. Stayed tuned for progress in another post.

In other news, I hadn’t had a true break from my natural hair in years. By break, I mean a true protective style that lasted more than two weeks. That changed during quarter one. I got my first set of knotless braids and I’m cute!


Quarter One Reflection Business


I published my first book. That’s right, my children’s book, School Supplies for Sale, is out in the world for little boys and little girls to read and enjoy. Please grab a copy for a child in your life or classroom in your community.


In just a couple of weeks, I will have been officially blogging here on positivelytoning.com for a whole year. It has been a labor of love and a stretching that I’ve enjoyed. Having a place of my own to share faith, life, and things that I’ve learned and want to share in the area of education has been the best. I look forward to continuing and growing positivelytonine.

During this next quarter, I am going to stay the course, but I would like to add a few things to goal list:

  • Give Back 
  • Learn email funnels
  • Research AdThrive
  • Improve my Alexas US Rank
  • Improve My Fruit and Vegetable Intake
  • Drink More Water

I hope that your first quarter was full of smiles, safety and success. I pray the same for the next three!

Did you set any goals for 2021 or are you just trying to survive this pandemic? What goals do you plan on crushing quarter two?

X.O., T.