Preparing for Travel During a Pandemic- Practical Tips ( Road Trip Edition)

practical tips for preparing for travel during a pandemic roatrip edition
Preparing for Travel

It’s been just a little over a year since our world turned upside down and now that restrictions are being lifted and the vaccine is being distributed people are preparing for travel and leaving their home states. Many by plane, some by train. 

We aren’t there yet, so for our getaway we decided on a good old fashioned roadtrip– with all of the new day precautions, of course.

I obsessed over packing and preparing for the trip the entire week leading up to it, but what I found the day before leaving is that I was all worked up for nothing.

Preparing for travel, especially a road trip during a pandemic, doesn’t have to be stressful, here the things that I did to make for a fun and stress free trip:


Yes, clean. I personally prefer to deep clean before leaving for any amount of time away from home. 

Cleaning and doing laundry before the trip will make packing easier and just imagine coming home to a fresh and tidy space where all you have to do is unpack, relax and reflect on all the new experiences lived on your trip.

Decide on Transportation

You only have two options here, either rent or drive your own vehicle. 

The whole point of travel is to take a break from our day to day and to experience new things right?

So, this might be the perfect opportunity to rent the car you’ve always thought about purchasing and really seeing if it would be worth the price.

 Plus you don’t have to worry about getting your car washed and cleaned out, an oil change, 5 point inspection, or putting those extra miles on it.

Whichever route you take (pun intended) be sure you have roadside assistance and check your spare.


Before a trip my husband and I always pray for traveling grace and protection as we travel up and down the dangerous highway. We pray that God will bless our coming and going and that he be in our midst in our new environment. Lastly, we pray for new experiences that will draw us closer as a couple and that will draw us closer to him. 

It’s a must for us!


Once all the laundry is done and put in its proper place, it’s easier to see what you have. And if the house is in order, grabbing hair and body products, towels and other items needed will be easier.

Make sure that you pack everything you need for a fun and stress free trip and avoid extra unnecessary add ons.

Here is a list of what I pack:

  • A weather appropriate outfit for each day away plus shoes
  • Night wear for each night
  • Underwear
  • Flip flops/ house shoes
  • Socks
  • Toiletries 
  • Masks 
  • Wipes ( alcohol and Lysol)
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Gloves
  • Drinks and snacks (to avoid frequent stops and having to wipe down everything)

*Pack light!


It’s important to take the time before any trip, but especially a road trip, to plan various aspects of your trip. 

Things like which route to take will determine the length of time the drive will take. The route will also determine the cool sights seen on the way, and whether or not you will have cell coverage.

Lastly, getting an idea of the area you will be staying in and the sites you will be visiting will ensure that you are prepared for parking and events happening in the city that you would want to attend.

*Also, plan for delays and look into restrictions due to the pandemic

Choose Lodging

Many hotels have adjusted their booking protocols, cleaning procedures and have enforced social distancing in their facilities.

Other lodging options like Airbnb have done the same. This is the route we went.

Having a whole place to ourselves, not having to interact with others, and having the option to buy and prepare our own foods sounded great.

* Don’t forget to bring your own linen and pillows/ cases.

Make a Playlist

You most certainly need a playlist. For the hubby and me, it’ll be some combination of gospel classics, 90s r&b, oldies hits, and maybe some clean rap.

There is nothing like a good sing along to keep the spirits high over long stretches of open road.

Listen to my playlist here

Eats & Entertainment

Now more than ever it’s important to loosely get an idea of your itinerary for each day. 

Knowing what sites to see, occupancy limits, social distancing procedures, and costs will ensure that you get the most out of each day, get to try new foods that the city has to offer and stay safe while doing it.

I recommend searching google and hashtags on insta. to find the best bistro’s, the go-to tourist sites, and to get an idea of the best mode of transportation to see all the things.

Getting out of the house for things other than groceries and work  and adjusting to our new normal is going to take some time, but I do believe that it is important to start taking the first steps. 

Just be sure to do it safely considering your safety and that of those around you.( i.e. wear your mask)

By no means am I a travel expert, so I’d love to know the things you do when preparing for travel these days ( especially parents). Share in the comments.

*Stay tuned for details from our trip on a future blog post.

Happy Travels,