One Sure Way To Build Intimacy In Your Marriage

illustrate what the jar consists of

Dates are cool, but they are limited to one night/day a week. And with all of the things fighting for our attention in this technology age, it is more crucial than ever to put away our devices and intentionally connect building intimacy with our spouse.

Initially, I wasn’t sure how to cultivate that date night feeling every day of the week after work, dinner, house chores or whatever the day consisted of. 

After a google deep dive and no real information, I decided to do a spin on the Pinterest famous date jar.

Instead of a date jar though, I’ve decided to call it the daily dose.

The Daily Does is a sure way to build intimacy in your marriage.

What You’ll Need

What You’ll Do

  1. Share the idea with your spouse
  2. Brainstorm ideas separately
  3. Pick a date and time to divide and write ideas on popsicle sticks
  4. Place each stick in the jar, do not share or discuss
  5. Get creative ( If you know what I mean)
  6. Discuss what time each day you will pull ( Note: you will alternate pulling each day)
  7. Pull and spend 1 hour of uninterrupted time with your loving spouse ( everyday)!

Examples of Ideas for Popsicle Sticks:

  1. Bake cookies together
  2. Plan a getaway for the upcoming weekend
  3. Paint with a twist at home
  4. Puller gets back massage
  5. Read one chapter out of the book of  James and discuss

I hope that this was helpful and that you will give it a try.

What ways do you and your spouse intentionally cultivate intimacy in your marriage?

Or what’s an idea that you’d add to a popsicle stick?

Share in the comments!

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    1. Yes Indeed!. You can even make a family jar to spend intentional quality time with the kids.

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