Hello & Welcome to my First Blog Post

The initial thought of starting a blog excited me and this was a big deal. Mainly because I don’t get excited about a lot of things.

My mindset is usually, let’s plan, with caution, if it happens it happens. If it doesn’t that’s fine too.

But the thought of having a blog was like a firecracker being lit on the perfect summer night with all the neighborhood children waiting in anticipation.

It would be the right season.

I would have the right tools.

The platform that I chose to start the blog on would be well equipped and the audience would be more than receptive to see this new thing.

More than that, I would finally have a place to publish my writing, share my ideas, and encourage the world. 

That was over a year ago.

Though time passed, the desire never entirely dwindled. I still had it in my mind that I needed a creative outlet and designing a webpage and writing a blog would be mine.

However,  caution crept in, then it invited fear to join the party. When I finally looked up it was April 2020 and I still had not purchased a domain or signed up for web hosting. 

Things got away from me. 

Fear and time caused me to put on hold something that I’d decided to do not only for myself but unto God as well.

On this platform, I would share, encourage and use the expertise from my field to help teachers and parents in the area of elementary education with a focus on reading instruction and reality in the upper grades. 

Today things changed.

OK, well not today. Let’s say mid-March.

As you know the world came to a screeching halt and all of a sudden the majority of us were asked to stay home and I found myself teaching online and preparing flex learning assignments for my scholars.

I literally felt like we were living a movie and ironically enough, I dived headfirst into Netflix and YouTube trying to pass the time when I was not working.

That got old quickly.

The next series of events included, deep cleaning the house, cooking, trying things with my natural hair, and becoming a fierce scrabble go competitor.

Although I was being productive, I did not feel like I was making the most of this time. 

So here we are today.

Hi, I’m Tonine ( bet you can’t pronounce it) and this is my first blog post. Below are a few things about me, not in any particular order.

I :

  • am a Texas girl
  • am a wife
  • have published my first childrens book titled School Supplies for Sale
  • love to write, cook and listen to great music.
  • love the Lord, Jesus Christ
  • am excited to finally start this new thing

Typically, I am a private person, so this is a gigantic deal for me.  I hope that you will join me here on the blog and that we can build a community through the things we have in common.