Nothing Distracts Like Glitter So Prioritize Your Peace

nothing distracts like glitter avoiding the distractions of social media avoiding comparison
Nothing Distracts Like Glitter

I was reading an article today that said “ free is the most expensive business model ever created.”  I sat with that for a moment. Then I thought about all of the free things in my life that through my own indulgence have cost me too much of my time( peace) and more of my attention than I’d care to admit.

Two of the most valuable things that we possess we freely give to instagram, youtube, and  facebook.  And for what? A like, a share, perfectly curated photos to aspire to?

These platforms are perfectly fine in moderation. And believe me, I get that they are businesses and a way for entrepreneurs and influencers to earn a living. 

My point here is simple: make sure that you don’t get so caught up in prioritizing perfect pictures, likes, and the #goals of society over quality time building things that will last. Or being content with your portion in this season.

Because…Nothing Distracts Like Glitter 

So , here are a Few Ways I’m Committing to Prioritize My Peace

Set Goals

Goal setting gives us direction. Set:
  • Spiritual Goals
  • Physical/ Health Goals
  • Relationship Goals ( Family, friends, etc)
  • Personal Development
  • Financial Goals

Identify Your Distractions

Our attention is valuable and that is why there are so many things working for it. To be successful it’s crucial that we identify the things and people in our lives that are distractions.  Set Boundaries or just Get Rid of Them!

Create A Plan of Action

 Start with small daily tasks, set time limits for your apps  and reclaim your time!

Schedule Tasks

Schedule time to intentionally spend with God, family, build relationships /community,and to work towards being a better you.

A schedule and routine will make things easier over time. 

Apportion Time For Leisure 

-Plan and Schedule Your Content

-Set Time Limits for leisurely Scrolling Through Social Media 

-Allot time to support friends and family influencers

Last but certainly not least, use socials for their intended purpose- to be social, build community and just be yourself.