My Updated High Porosity Fall Hair Routine

Fall Hiar Routine
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My updated high porosity fall hair routine

Summer is officially over and my knotless braids came out Tuesday. 

I knew that my hair would be in need of some TLC, so I planned ahead and booked with Flourish hair salon in Arlington, Texas.

It was my first visit, so I booked a new client package that included a shampoo, condition, opalex treatment, deep condition under the steamer, a trim, and protective style of my choice.

My stylist was Lisa and from start to finish the visit was educational.

As a result of her patience and expertise, not only did I leave with a pretty protective style, but I also left with a detailed plan that I will be following at home.

So, for the next 90 days here are the products that I will use to cleanse, condition,  moisturize and style my tightly coiled hair.


Shampoo & Conditioner 

Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo

Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner

I purchased it at Ulta.

Deep Conditioner 

The Mane Choice  Ancient Egyptian Hair Mask

Also purchased at Ulta 

Leave In

Mane Choice Egyptian Leave-In Lotion

It was a scavenger hunt, but I found this at my local beauty supply.


Mane Choice Moisturizing Styling Cream

Styling Tool

The Ultimate Detangler Tangle Teezer for all hair types

Loved this tool!!


Due to the condition of my hair, Lisa suggested low manipulation and keeping my hair tucked away. Protective styling makes school mornings simple, so simple styles it is!

Protective styling my hair at home is honestly my preferred method (tender-headed people problems). And honestly, during the school year, it just makes life easier. I don’t have to worry about rushing to an evening appointment after work or winning the appointment lottery on a Saturday (it’s hard to book stylists these days).

So these are the styles I will be doing:

  • Flat twists pinned up
  • Hanging two strand twists pinned up
  • High Bun w/ Marley Hair
Additional recommendations:

Moisturize two times per week 

Trim every 3-4 months

Keep hair tucked away- keep twist outs to a minimum 

Don’t add oil to hair or scalp 

So yeah, I’m keeping hair things simple these days.

What styles will you be wearing this Fall?

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  1. Well, like you, I also, scheduled me a appointment with Lisa, at Flourish hair salon, and I must say she was very informative. She was knowledgeable about the best products to use for my type of hair, easy on my head, and very nice.
    She suggested that I wear updo’s, so, I’ll be doing two strain twist, flat twist, and cornrows. And keeping it wrapped in a scarf.

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