Introducing Neko- Chief Planning Officer!

Children's book main character
Illustrator Shifa A. Graphic By Author Tonine J.

Neko is the main character of my debut children’s book. He is named for my eldest nephew and most certainly given his creative and resourceful nature

The setting is set at the end of my favorite season- summer. I look forward to hearing all of the stories that the kids bring back with them from vacation. 

So, it only made sense for the story to take place at the end of summer right before school begins again and when every child is longing for that last big event that will give them something to rival their classmates’ summer happenings.

For Neko, it’s the new Jump Park in town.

And of course, he wouldn’t dream of visiting without his two best friends.

You’ll have to read the full story to learn more about Neko and to find out if he and his friends actually end the summer with a cool story to tell about the new neighborhood jump park.

Picture Book, Coming Soon!