How To Surrender Your Struggles To The Lord

When we struggle with a thing, we try very hard to deal with it in our own strength. 

But what if I told you that life’s “hard things” are meant for God. 

Surrendering Our Struggles To The Lord puts things in their proper place.
Philippians 4:6-, Psalm 55:2, 1 Peter 5:7 Surrender Your Struggles

Take two-year-olds for instance. They are learning and growing and at the ripe age of two, they desire independence. “No.” ” I can do it.” “It’s mine.” “No help, please. ” Are among some of their newfound sayings.

That is until the day they come across the tightly packaged new toy they want to play with, but can’t seem to get into.

The loving parents stand by allowing them to try on their own, then offer to help, but are met with an aggressive no help, please. So, they step back and watch as their toddler experiences all the emotions spanning excitement and joy, to curiosity and problem-solving, to frustration and anger, and finally a full-blown sad tantrum.

That’s us. Sometimes the problem isn’t even that big. Or it’s huge and we forget how big our God is. Either way, our heavenly father is so mindful that we can cast all of our cares on him because he cares. 

He cares about family issues, diagnosis, money issues, marriage issues, and joblessness in spite of the countless interviews and applications. He cares about the eviction notice even though you’re working and tithing and trusting God for the salary you need to make it in this economy. 

Those hard things. The struggles of life that if we aren’t careful, will way us down with worry.

Hard things in this world are inevitable, so it’s important that we surrender them.

How I surrender struggles to the Lord:

1. Acknowledge the hard thing.

Sometimes we think that just because life comes with hardship, a part of growing or adulting is just dealing with things. But that’s not always the case. Some of the things we encounter are yield signs, forcing us to slow down, observe and get back in line with God’s plan. Other hard things are just flat-out stop signs or reroutes.

2. Pray About It

When you’ve called friends and family. Shared with your pastor and therapist and you have no idea who else to tell or ask for help.

Pray. He literally has the whole world in his hands.

And scripture is clear- we live under an open Heaven. (Deuteronomy 28:12)

3. Tell God that you trust him and that you are giving the situation over to Him.

We can be honest with God. He can handle our hard things, our frustration, and our stubbornness. God wants us to fully rely on him. 

The songwriter of  What A Friend We Have In Jesus had it right. Jesus is our very best friend. He is willing to bear all of our sin and grief. It is a great privilege to be able to carry everything to God in prayer. EVERYTHING. 

4. Repent for having tried to handle it yourself. 

I do it and I know you do it too. We try to handle it all, juggle it, and be it all. But we can’t. 

Our own strength isn’t enough and by admitting that we start to rely on God.

5. Read God’s Word

God’s word is the best reminder of who he is and what he is capable of.

Reading the Bible daily will affirm you and equip you with the strength, mindset, and peace you need to give things over to him.

6. Choose to not worry about it.

Hard, sure. But try to choose to and every time it crosses your mind pray this prayer:

Lord, I am giving you this struggle. I trust that you know all things, what’s best for me and this situation. Thank you that I can carry all of my thoughts, desires, dreams, and hardships to you in prayer. Lord, forgive me for trying to handle this alone. I pray that your will be done in this situation and in the lives of all that are impacted.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Please don’t be mistaken. These are 6 really hard steps, but so worth it if you commit to leaving your cares to the one that can really do something about them.

God specializes in hard things. He specializes in what matters to us. In him, we have hope and a future.

Hannah is the perfect example of casting a burden on the Lord and experiencing relief to the point of Joy even before the thing she so desired was given to her.

Scripture says she prayed and her face was no longer sad. 

Her Spirit was relieved of her load. Burdens can be lifted just by being honest with God.

So, be honest. 

Thanks for reading,


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