His Will Is In His Word

5 Life Giving Benefits if Reading the Word of God
His Will Is In His Word

The more I live, the more I pray that my hearts desires and daily work is in alignment to God’s will for my life. In addition to prayer, I’ve learned the importance of consistently reading God’s will via his word- The Bible.

Here Are 5 Hope Giving Benefits of Reading the Word of God in 2022

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

You Learn God’s Will For Your Life

The Bible is full of history, parables, stories and conversations.

The history of Israel’s trek to the promised land. Parables about being conscious about the Lord’s sure return, stories of how many overcame and conversations with Kings about freedom and family.

Scripture details how common people found their place. They learned God’s will for their lives and the space was created for more sharing of the very best news.. Jesus.

The Bible details hardships, barreness, what it means to be a friend,  forgiveness, strength and love.

Through the stories of David, Joseph,Mary, Paul, Abraham, Isaac, Lazarus, Mary and Martha, and many others, we see that they all learned God’s will for their lives through prayer and time spent in fellowship with God and other believers. And you will too if you spend some time in The Bible, in prayer and with other believers. .

You Develop A Relationship With God

Being in right relationship with God is life changing.

The best way I know to explain is that you have the bestest friend you could ever hope for. This friend knows you in and out, backwards and forwards. He desires good for you. His words and thoughts favor you. He is patient and kind. AND he owns the cattle upon a thousand hills.

All that he desires is to hear from you often. For you to meditate on his word and think of his goodness. To confess your sin, that he is Lord of your life, and that you know the great work that he did on the cross for you.

The Bible teaches us how to pray. It gives us examples of how meditating on God’s word strengths us.

Scripture tells us that if we confess our sin, God will forgive us. And we get to read about Jesus’ journey to the cross and what his great sacrifice means for us today.

The more you read your Bible, the more you will learn about the character and heart of our God. Knowing this will draw you closer to him.

You Equip Yourself For The Hardships of Life

Did you know that God cares about how we steward our trouble? I didn’t either until a few Sundays ago when my pastor preached about being a good steward.

Sidenote: The 3 things he focused on in that message is stewarding our time, our trouble and our tribe.

The truth is that we live in a world that tells us that it is ok to live life like there are no consequences. In addition to the problems we make for ourselves, we have to endure pain, sickness and the loss of loved ones.

Hardships will always be in some form or fashion,  but reading the word of God, resting in his promises,  taking them to him in prayer and trusting him to handle them and see us through them will always be the winning plan.

You Learn How to Avoid Sin

The Bible says in Solomon 2:15, “its the little foxes that ruin the vine.” While this specific scripture is referring to the love relationship between a man and a woman. It can be used to illustrate how ” the little foxes” can ruin our relationship with Jesus Christ. A little lie here, a little compromise there and before long we are overwhelmed with the big amount of sin in our lives.

Reading the Bible and gleaning it’s wisdom will help us to guard our hearts and do our very best to avoid sin.

You Mature As A Christian

Finally, reading Gods word helps you to mature. It’s happening for me gradually, but there are daily instances where I find myself reacting less, fixing my face, keeping a pleasant tone, praying about “it” or remembering a truth I read in God’s word.

When you spend time daily reading about Jesus and his love, you won’t be able to stay a babe.

The goodness of the Bible is that it reveals truth. The truth of the Bible is that there is one true and living God. He is wise and sovereign. It also reveals that we are supremely loved and the most valued of all that He created.

And he created everything!!

If you want to know God’s will for you life start in his word.


Tonine J.

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  1. I found superb words of guidance in God’s word, wisdom to follow in your walk with God, growth in learning the Bible and all it’s glory has to offer in my life with the Lord as my father. I am a new beginner in God’s teachings, blessings and miracles. I look forward in continued growth in all biblical truths.

    1. I love that you took something from this post. Praying for you continued growth.

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