Five Things To Focus On When Applying God’s Word

“ When given attention and properly valued, God’s word brings light to us in our darkness.”

It used to be that I’d avoid reading my Bible because I did not understand the purpose of the stories being told or how the hardships of others would help me.

Then I learned the meaning of the saying ” a taught lesson is better than a bought lesson any day.” 

I learned that reading about the life of Jesus on Earth, the lives of others, their struggles, relationships with God and how they chose to live could help me avoid some of the same pitfalls, grow in the same areas and give glory to God through the life that I live daily.

I still have a ways to go, but I believe that my application skills are getting better so I wanted to share.

In my daily time in God’s word as I read or immediately after I take the time to journal  and in my journaling I make note of 5 things.

5 Focus Points That Will Help You Apply God’s Word

A Promise That God Made

The Bible is full of promises from God to his children. When making note of a promise, make sure that it is universal and that you apply it to you. 

A Timeless Principle

The purpose of Biblical principles are to give us insight and guidance. Life is full of decisions that have to be made and us understanding and applying the many timeless principles is vital to our daily living. 

 Principle “ Whatever a man sows, that will he also reap. “

A Command to Heed

Is there a behavior that you need to stop or a heart posture that you have taken on that is not pleasing to God? As we read, it is inevitable that we will encounter a command that we should obey. Being obedient will enrich our lives, but more than this, please God. 

How Each of These Apply to My Life

Think about your greatest area of need. Then think about the promise God made and the principles you came across in your reading for the day. Pray and ask God to help you with that area and in your prayer, quote his promise and ask him to show you how to apply his principles. 

God’s Message to Me

“ I can do all things through Christ” This even applies to changing my attitude towards my neighbor. 

“ I should not be yoked together with unbelievers” So I should not be dating anyone that does not love Jesus or read his word. 

The Bible is full of examples and instructions. If we only take the time to slow down, read and pray for true understanding, some of the difficulties we encounter can be avoided.  

Reading is your first step.

Journaling to take note of what you read and your understanding  is your second.

The third step- how you live out the reading is the final and most crucial. 

The decisions you make, the words you say, how you treat and love your neighbor, that  coworker,  your spouse, and  how you spend your money. These are but a few areas that should be affected everytime you dive into the word.

My challenge to you today is to try this process.

Then answer:

How do you apply God’s word? Is there a particular method that you use?

XO, T.

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