About the Author

Children’s Book Author and Educator, Tonine began writing stories and dreaming of becoming a published author in college. Influenced by her community and upbringing on the Southside of Dallas, Texas she remembers the freedom that the summer brought, kickball games with her friends, the need for money to finance their constant trips to the candy house for icy’s, and the one thing she just had to do to end each Summer with a first day of school worthy story.

She is passionate about diversity and inclusion in education, children’s literature and entertainment.

Her debut book ,” School Supplies for Sale, ” is out now in paperback and eBook. Purchase your copy below!

Book Theme

School Supplies for Sale is a story of friendship and following through on great ideas for a good cause, even if they may lead to a little trouble.

Book by author Tonine Jackson-  School Supplies for Sale

Book Blurb

Neko always has a plan! And all of his plans are urgently designed to help him and his two best friends into some sort of trouble. This time is no different– a thorough plan just short of some very crucial details. With just two weeks before the end of summer break and a strong desire to have some fun. They set out. But will they be successful this time?

Art, community, friendship, family, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and communication are all themes that Tonine plans to explore through her stories. Stay tuned for what Neko and his two best friends get up to or into next!