At His Feet: A 2020 Reflection on Heart Posture

January 2, 2020, I made a graphic, and in the center of it, for no other reason than it looked nice, I put the words At His Feet.  Equally a resolution and unconscious thought. Luke 10:39 was the caption.

at his feet, 2020 reflection, Luke 10:39

 Thinking back, I had not consistently been reading my bible or praying. I prayed casually when I woke up in the mornings, as I drove and things crossed my mind, at church or at the request of family, but a daily designated time to spend with the Lord I confessed to loving was not a part of my daily routine. 

And to add insult to neglect, I posted the graphic and never made a plan to do anything different. It ended up just a post or so I thought.

Fast Forward to May.

Two months into a pandemic, stuck in the house and really thinking about things. My husband decided that he would read more. He asked if I’d like to add anything to his book order and I did. I ordered How to Study The Bible for Yourself by Tim LaHaye.

It arrived at the end of May. I finished it, began the first Bible plan on June 4 and I’ve been reading my Bible and spending designated time journaling what I learn every day since.

Today made 193 days of consistently reading my Bible, applying its principles, resting in God’s promises,  and doing my best to honor his commands.

At His Feet. 

A place of submission- self reflection- discipline-wisdom- and abundant love

At His Feet.

Where Mary chose to be. 

At His Feet.

Free of distraction- set in devotion 

At His Feet.

Where I want to be.

Six months of consistency may not seem like much to some, but it is a start. I’ve decided to take this posture with me into 2021 ( Lord allowing) and to add to it, In His Care.

What has been your posture this year? What will it be in the new year?