Hi, I’m Tonine. Christian, wife, and  elementary educator with a heart for Christ and  helping children see the connection between reading, writing and effective communication.  I am also a children’s book author.

 I’ve decided to use Positivelytonine.com to share my faith, to help parents  understand their role in their child’s education and to offer strategies and tools to ensure that learning continues at home. This space was also created to share classroom adventures, my journey to becoming a published author and my story in general.

From week to week you can expect to read about faith, lifestyle, book updates, and education. 

My goal here is to build community through shared  experiences and to encourage you through the lessons that I learn in and outside of the classroom as I strive to do life the way Christ would have me to do it and as I build a community of strong readers and writers.

 My prayer is that this is a piece of the internet that you will come to often to read, laugh, share, learn, and grow with me.

                                                                                                        Tonine J., M.Ed

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