A Prayer For Everyday

A prayer for everyday Blog post about prayer

Often we get so caught up in the cares of this world, the mindset of independence, and the need to ” take care of it” that we squander the privilege that we have to go before the throne of grace. 

Every day, no matter where you are or what you have going on is an opportunity to express gratitude, to repent, and petition heaven.

Through prayer every day we can change circumstances and ourselves. 

” When we pray we learn more about God and his ability to shape us and our hearts for his glory.”

Tonine Jackson

And so a prayer that can be prayed everyday or until you find your own words:

Dear God,

You are the ancient of days. Creator of heaven, earth, mankind, and me. Your love is overwhelming gracious and your character is a guide for my life until your return. Thank you for being God. Thank you for your loving kindness, your compassion, and your word that speaks to who you are, your heart towards me, and what I have to look forward to every new day.

You are wise and patient. Father and friend. Your steadfast love is better than life. You are Good and upright always.

Lord, I know that we can not stand before the throne of a Holy God and attempt to hide our sin and so I confess mine( insert list)  today.

Lord anything in me that is not like you or that displeases you, bring it to my mind and help me to remove it from my life.

Father, thank you that you are faithful and just to forgive our sins. Thank you for the opportunity to repent. 

Today and every day, I confess Jesus Christ is Lord. I believe that you died on the cross for my sin and resurrected and reign today.

Thank you for taking care of sins debt.

Thank you for your protection as I travel to and from; up and down the dangerous highways. Thank you for keeping my family and friends. Thank you for your provision and for being my source –my source for every good thing. 

And Father because you are both the person and place that I come to for my needs, for answers to problems I can’t solve, and on behalf of my brothers and sisters, today, I ask for wisdom, for your will for my life, and for my desires to align with what you want from me. 

Today, I ask for healing for my coworker, friend, and loved ones. ( insert additional prayer requests)

Today, I hope that more people would try you. That they will turn to you and see that you are exactly who the Bible testifies about. 

Lord, let peace and hope and love and compassion fill the hearts of people. 

I trust that you are who you say you are, that you can do and will do according to your wise and just hand. 

And lastly Lord, I pray for the person reading this post. Lord help them, heal them and deliver them. Give them a heart and a mind to both desire and pursue you. And help them to be willing to forsake their sins and former selves to be counted among your people.

Lord, I love you, and thank you!

It is in your son Jesus’ name that I pray.


” The only way to get what God has for us is through prayer.”

Tonine Jackson