A Hard Look At Year Thirty-Two

32nd birthday reflection
Happy birthday to me– Cheers to this New Year!

Experiences in Year Thirty-Two

I can’t reflect and honestly say that I changed much or had a plethora of experiences that brightened my sense of love or exploration during year thirty-two.

It was as basic a year as ever and while I am not at all mad at that, I do wish that I’d done more, better.

This wish, I’m sure has much to do with the fact that a portion of this thirty second year was spent navigating a worldwide pandemic.

New norms. 



A LOT for sure. But here we are. By God’s Great Grace, making it.

Each day comes with a new challenge, but each year I feel like there are a handful that can be combined to sum up the one thing you were forced to deal with. 

My one thing was stubbornness.

A dogged determination to be who I’ve always been. Trying to handle everything on my own. To help everyone no matter how much of a sacrifice it was for me. To hold on instead of moving on. 

Navigating the space that God has so graciously allowed me as if I love his children more, can teach them more valuable lessons than he can, or as if I can even add a second to my own life. 

Lessons Learned in Year Thirty-Two

The lesson here is that stubbornness usually costs more than we have to give and if left unchecked can lead to pride.

A heart posture that I sincerely believe disappoint our heavenly Father. 

So with this observation about myself and having had 364 days to identify and work this thing out, I believe that I am well on my way to less stubborn- baby steps.

The work won’t stop because I am growing a year older, but it will make for a more productive thirty-third.

A Challenge for Year Thirty-Three

I know that I am not the only one that can stand to grow so for this next year, if the Lord allows, let’s all acknowledge one area that causes us unnecessary hardships and diligently work that thang out.

Bye year Thirty-Two. Welcome Thirty-Three.

Happy Birthday to me and cheers to this New Year!

Xo, T

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