7 Lessons for Young Adults From the Book of Leviticus

Image of Young adults at Bible study in the church sanctuary.This post is two part. Part book reflection, part lessons learned that we should apply to our lives.

For the month of May I decided to read and study the book of Leviticus.  

What I learned overall was that the old covenant that God had with Israel was based on Israel’s obedience and loyalty. God chose Israel as his special people telling them that if they obeyed his law and worshiped him only he would bless them and if they did not they would be chastened.  He also developed a sacrificial system that allowed Israel to atone ( temporarily) for their sin by giving up something valuable to them.

As you can imagine, they had to keep sacrificing. 

The new Covenant, the one we are a part of, made sin forgivable once and for all through Christ Jesus. 

The old tradition of offering a sacrifice for sin is no longer necessary. 

Reading helped me understand that there were customs of that time that no longer apply to us. 

It also helped me understand that there are also practical life-giving lessons from this book and that tine that we should still consider and apply to our lives today.

Here Are 7 Lessons From the Book of Leviticus For Young Adults:

Leviticus chapter image

Obedience is Rewarded & Disobedience Chastened 

Leviticus 26 details the effects of our following God’s statutes and our disobedience. 

Verses 3-13 state that we are promised a good return for our work, safety, peace, victory over our enemies, offspring, and God’s continual presence in our lives if we walk in his statutes and observe his commandments and do them. 


Verses 14- 46 detail the effects of our disobedience. For sin, we are promised sickness, panic, seed sown in vain, food shortages, lack, and so much more heartache. 

Sin Requires Reconciliation

When we sin against our neighbors we must make it right with them and God.

Steps to making it right:

  • acknowledge the sin and hurt caused
  • ask for forgiveness 
  • abstain from the sin 

Holiness Takes Time

 Leviticus 9 shares that consecration is an ongoing process.

It is not quick. 

Nor is it easy. 

Do the work. Await your reward..

When the Lord speaks, Listen

First, it’s important to know that a relationship is required for communication to take place. Secondly, listening is prudent.

On different occasions, Moses was tasked with telling the people how they were to govern themselves as believers and followers of the Lord. Imagine if he hadn’t listened.

 Think about how many people would have gone astray. 

Now, imagine the consequences associated with knowing God and his will, but failing to be obedient.

Y’all better Listen.

Love Rebukes When Necessary

Leviticus 19( ESV) says that we should “ reason frankly with our neighbors.” 

Loving and correcting one another in love pleases God.

Frankly does not mean rudely. It means directly, honestly, in a timely manner, and sincerely. 

God Wants and Deserves Our Best

To whom much is given, much is required. 

God sent his son. His only son. To die a death meant for others. By doing this, he atoned once and for all.

That’s much. We were and are literally given his best. 

Give your best.

We Must Not Make Idols for Ourselves 

Yahweh, The Lord, Our Covenant God- He alone must be worshipped. 

Idols are any person, place, thing, or idea that we put in the place of God.

Be mindful of what you give your time, attention, money, and heart to.

These are the 7 lessons I learned through my study of the book of Leviticus. 

Have you read the book of Leviticus? What lessons and life applications did you get??

It’s good to be back!

Praying for you,


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  1. Sheneice Mumphrey

    I’ve read the book of Leviiticus also and it a good book. The book of Leviiticus is where I first learned “we” brothers and sisters in Christ having more than enough is to help those that is in need. We shouldn’t hear the cry and not help. And, not showing favoritism, harboring ill will in your heart because it harms only yourself.

    Again, you blessed me, thank you for sharing.

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