5 Luxury Nail Polish Brands to Try This Summer

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I’m all about natural nails, healthy cuticles and quick nail polish that can be changed in under an hour.

I realized though, that while I’d made it a priority to care for my nails, I wasn’t as mindful about what I put on my nails.

So, I recently started thinking about my nail polish choices and came across a ton of  smaller brands with healthier options. 

Elated to find so many contenders and a bit overwhelmed,  I narrowed it down to 5 brands to try first. 

These are the 5 Luxury Nail Polish Brands To Try This Summer

Dazzle Dry

Ok, so dazzle dry is first on the list because it’s the first brand I’ve tried. 

This polish is lovely. 

It’s vegan, fast drying and it is the only non-gel polish that I’ve tried that lasts more than 2 days.

I’m talking a week or two easy! Crazy I know.

Oh and they have a cute variety of colors.

9th and Maxwell 

9th and Maxwell’s creme nail lacquers are vegan, cruelty-free, and nontoxic. While on my search, I fell in love with their packaging, color collection, and the fact that they are black-owned.

I am so looking forward to trying Brownstone, Lemonade, and Aqua- Rius.

OOO Polish

I love that this brand is also black-owned. The owner always shares the origin of her color names and even shows behind the scenes of her making the colors on her Instagram.

The colors are unique and flattering to a variety of skin tones. And an added bonus is that the ingredients and a nail guide for the polish varieties offered and posted on the website.

I can’t wait to try Sine, Bla, and Kangaba!

Rooted Woman

Rooted woman polishes are made in small batches. I love that their philosophy is ethical, intentional and radical.

They have a beautiful assortment of colors that compliment all skin tones. Also, the DIY nail specialist in me loves that they share tutorials on their website.

I’m thinking that I’ll try the colors overflowing, unashamed, and grateful.

Relaunch Nail Polish

Who doesn’t love local. Relaunch nail polish is a local brand, made right here in Dallas Texas. It is a faith-based brand with vibrant colors and sleek packaging.  So of course it made the cut!

Mint to be, Say Luv 2, and legal tender are a few colors that I have my eye on and want to add to my cart really soon.

Why These Five?

When trying a new nail polish, I look for affordability,  quality, variety, and representation. 

My search and requirements narrowed it down to these 5 nail polish brands. I will be making my way through this list and all the colors this summer.

Check back for my reviews.

What are some of your favorite nail polish brands? What sets them apart?

XoXo, T.