48 Hours of Fine Dining & The Break Bread with Arthur Experience

fine dining, break bread with arthur, date night, anniversary dinner
The Entrée

Have you ever experienced personalized fine dining in a chef’s home? Neither had I until recently. AND IT WAS A DREAM! 

June 21, 2021, made six years for the Mr. and I being married and on June 26, 2021, we were able to experience personalized fine dining with Dallas chef Arthur Bolden of Break Bread with Arthur.

I would highly recommend that you eat with and enjoy The  Break Bread with Arthur Fine Dining Experience.

Here’s why:

It is Delicious

That’s really all I have to say on the topic of taste, but I’ll go a step further and compliment how well seasoned the meats were and how well they complimented the flavors of the side selections. Oh and the freshly squeezed fruits that were added to the drinks- DELICIOUS!

 It is Exclusive

The chef takes pride in his work and is careful not to overextend himself or his team. This means that his meals are designed for a select number of guests. 

To have a Break Bread with Arthur Experience you first have to visit his website and book a consultation. This gives you the opportunity to speak with him about the number of guests, location, menu, the occasion,  theme, etc.  Or the chance to attend one of his exclusive events.

Then he is able to discuss and design a custom menu for you and your guest(s). And of course, pull out all of the stops to make your experience more than you can imagine. 

 It is Intimate

Arthur and his team are gifted in the area of creating memorable, intimate moments that give you a 5 star feel without the attention-drawing fanfare in a private location or the comfort of your home. 

fine dining, break bread with arthur, date night, anniversary dinner
The details

 It is Interactive

While preparing the meal, Arthur interacts with his guests, talking and walking them through his vision for the meal as well as the salts, fats, acids, and heat added to his dishes.

He loves candles, so he goes a step further to hand-select a beautiful scent that adds ambiance to your evening. He even shares the candle brand and the fragrance blends just in case you want to pick one up.

The chef demo is really what makes the experience so unique.

 It is Informative

During the meal the chef shares where he shops for the best ingredients as well as the local bakeries he patronizes for his desserts.

I said all of that to say if you don’t do anything else this summer- next fall, during winter, or whenever- indulge in the #breakbreadwitharthurexperience.

fine dining, break bread with arthur, date night, anniversary dinner

Our late anniversary, date night dinner still has me swooning. 

Side note: Don’t be surprised if, in the very near future cookware, a candle line, private cooking classes, and more are added to his list of todos.

Head on over and to his site and #breakbreadwitharthur