We play the game “ 2 truths and a lie” or as I like to call it with my students, find the fiction, because the word lie is still a curse word ( or at least that’s what my mama programmed into me as a child). Anyway, we play it a lot these days during our virtual classes, and while I haven’t experienced any deep revelations about the things the kids share. 

I have made a connection.

Truths are typically ascribed to things that represent reality. In other words, the things we believe to be true become our reality. For the last 117 days, I have been on a bible reading challenge using How to Study the Bible and during this time, I’ve been encouraged by the new truths that I have found and the truths I’ve always known being reaffirmed.

2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that all scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness and this is why it is important to have biblical truths to stand on especially during hard seasons.

Interested in learning new biblical truths, about the character of our heavenly Father or just curious to know the one lie that we have to avoid? Here they are:

1. God cares about how we treat people

2. Our behavior should reflect our faith

3. Christian’s are linked by the love of God

4. The Lord knows how to rescue his people

5. Mercy triumphs over judgement  ( but the one that has shown no mercy will receive no mercy)

6. Jesus fully earned salvation for us all

7. God never lies – He can’t 

8. Godliness with contentment is great gain

9. You reap what you sow

10. Your gifts and calling are irrevocable 

11. Our words and actions matter

12. What you listen to is important

13. The things that you think about yourself have an impact

14. Gossip destroys the body

15. We must not abandon ourselves for the sake of gain

16. Time with God is time well spent 

17. Your gifts will make room for you 

18. All things STILL work together for the good of those that love the Lord!

19. Partiality is not a characteristic of our Heavenly Father

20. A prayer life will change the way you exist in this world

Now for the Lie:

You can confess that you know Jesus and not keep his commandments.

Want to discover your own truths and grow in your relationship with God?

  1. Begin with setting aside a specific time to read and pray
  2. Pick a book and read a few chapters a day
  3. Journal as you read
  4. To read with purpose find 3 tasks each day ( I look for a promise, a principle, and a command that we should follow)
  5. Apply your reading to life

Share your findings!

“ The worst thing that can happen to us is to miss out on Jesus.”

My prayer is that you don’t miss out,